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~Clehadour Chikage~

it's just this way that i love you, i kill you...

Clehadour Chikage
1 November
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i'm a simple person and don't like to regret something..that's why sometimes i think very carefully for actions that i have to take (life is only once, nee)
long time ago i heard someone told me something that make sense and i like it: do not slap if you don't want to be slapped...in other words i can take it as close to: don't start a problem

i love JAPAN!! and i'd love to learn their native language. i start to like the bands in senior high, but in drama, anime and TV show, i already fall in love with it since my elementary school (thanks to my beloved brother who introduce me to anime & manga)

in my senior high i start to find my true interest in manga & anime genre: shounen-ai or most people call it yaoi...^^ i feel that this relationship is not really different with the normal one, i can spend hours just to read it